Dog Training - Digging and Hunting Moles

My dog "Lucky" likes digging holes in the garden. She absolutely loves hunting moles.

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Lucky is my 11 year old Dachshund.

Introducing Lucky...


A typical situation, first thing in the morning, the daily ritual... let the dog out, dog spots new molehill, a few minutes later there is a massive crater where there once was a small pile of earth, and said dog is covered in earth with grass stuck between her teeth.

So by getting rid of the moles, hopefully she will dig less holes. We are also going to try training her to stop digging altogether.


Even when we finally get rid of all the moles, I am sure she will keep digging. She enjoys it too much, and also thinks that digging helps us - whenever my wife is gardening, she likes to lend a paw.

The dachshund is a stubborn breed - not only are they very intelligent, they know it too!

But I know she has to stop digging!

I am so glad I don't have to do this all by myself, I am going to get expert help from an acknowledged expert, Adam Katz.



Adam is one of the world's top dog trainers by day, and certainly one of the most successful ebook writers ever. I think this is now the 4th edition of his book!

I have talked to many people who have used Adam's secrets to train their own dog, and I am finally going to do the same.

Once you have read Adam's book, it is no longer a question of how to train your dog, but when... and the simple answer is... right now!

Comes with a full 1 year 100% performance guarantee!

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!



My wife still doesn't believe it is possible to train a Dachshund.

Lucky is her 7th Dachshund!

Now I rarely win bets with my wife, but I have so much confidence in Adam's methods, I know I am going to win this one!

I hope my "Getting Rid of Ground Moles" site will be useful

All the best


Andy Beard


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