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A growing list of merchants and manufacturers that claim they can help you to get rid of ground moles. Some even give guarantees ;)

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The aim is to build this list over time as I find good sources of mole control equipment worldwide.

Many of the links below are to the Gemplers online store, who we have found so far to have the overall best prices. You can often find better prices on selective items if you shop around.
As time allows, we will try to hunt down bargains in every category, and add a method to search for the best prices based on product codes.
Gemplers also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products, even if the manufacturers do not.



Organic Mole Control Solutions (Information)

Please look at our section on Organic Mole Control for some information "how tos" that offer guaranteed results.




Organic Mole Control Solutions (Off the shelf)

40 count Repellex Systemic Tablets Mole Repellent

Also available in larger quantities

500 count Repellex Systemic Tablets Mole Repellent
1-gal. Repellex Liquid Concentrate Mole Repellent

Mole Out Granules
"1 Qt. Whole Control for Moles, Voles & Armadillos"

Mole food killers (insecticides etc)

to be added



Sonic Molechaser

Vibrasonic Molechaser

Mole Traps

A wide selection of mole trap suppliers. I am trying to find the best prices that offer a 100% guarantee of results.


The Victor Scissor-type Mole Trap is one of the most popular trapping solutions and is often recommended by professional mole trappers.

The Plunger Mole Trap is also often called a "Harpoon Trap"

The Mole Eliminator Trap is a new variety of mole trap that offers extremely good results and is very easy to set-up. This product is made in the US.

The "Molepro trap" is highly rated and Molepro give a 100% guarantee on it.





It is manufactured in the UK, possibly by - for some users especially in Europe it might be cheaper to buy directly from the manufacturer.

The Duffus trap is reported by Molepro to be hard to purchase.
It is actually manufactured by too.
What I can't understand is why Molepro say it is hard to purchase if they are already (probably) buying the Molepro trap from the same manufacturer.


Mole Poisons


Mole & Gopher Bait

5 oz. Bottle of Motomco Mole and Gopher Bait
"10, 7.5 gm Place Pacs of Motomco Mole/Gopher Bait"





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