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Moles are your enemy. You need to plan your strategy to get rid of moles. Knowing your enemy is a massive step towards defeating them. Here you will find links to all the best mole information on the internet.

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I can guarantee you won't see much of the information you will find on this site on any other site dedicated to getting rid of moles.

Every other site is totally fixed on a single solution, or gives you loads of solutions and doesn't tell you why different solutions for mole control are appropriate in different circumstances.

What follows is a brief selection that I will be expanding:-

Mole Species Information

Mole (animal) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - They have extensive information about moles already. Due to the nature of the Wikipedia, that information resource will grow to become very comprehensive.

6 species of mole - backyard nature - Quite a good article. What makes it unique is that they also give information on how to catch a mole live, with just a spade and a jar.

The Eastern Mole is a species at risk in Canada - this shows you the great care that needs to be taken with legal research before you start extermination of moles.
The Townsend Mole is also a species at risk in Canada - this article is very clear...

 "The Townsend’s Mole was previously listed as a pest species on Schedule B of the provincial Wildlife Act, but it is now protected under Schedule A.  This Act makes it illegal to capture, kill, or harass Townsend’s Moles.  Some habitat of the Townsend’s Mole is protected through the Agricultural Land Reserve, but the remainder is on private land."

Carl Zimmer - Underground Gourmet: Mole Sets a Speed Record The New York Times, February 8, 2005

So are moles the ultimate eating machine?

Eastern Mole information from the University of Texas - Quite a short article, but very well balanced

Penn State - Moles live beneath the ground - I found this article to give a slightly different slant on moles. - The Northern Marsupial Mole - yet another endangered mole species
They also have info on the Southern Marsupial Mole - also endangered

BBC - Science & Nature - Wildfacts - European mole

BBC - Science & Nature - Animals - Children's Zone - Mole - whilst this short article is intended for children, it has some really useful facts. It is also one of many articles that state moles are not endangered or protected in the UK.

If you search for "mole" on the BBC site, you actually get 25 pages of listings, with detailed information about most mole species, and even some cool "mole" kids games.

Getting Rid of Moles - University Research

North Carolina State University - "All moles are classified as wild, non-game animals under North Carolina laws. No hunting or trapping seasons are set up for these animals, and they are subject to all applicable state laws and regulations. This means you can not kill a mole without requesting and receiving a permit from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. The reason is that several species of moles are becoming dangerously low in numbers, so the NCWRC moved to protect all mole species."

The University of Nebraska has a very complete guide, "Moles and their Control"

The Perdue University has a large collection of documents regarding mole control.

  • Mole Pictures
  • Controlling Mole Damage PDF File (679 KB) courtesy of Texas Cooperative Extension Service*
  • Moles, Animal Damage Management (ADM-10) PDF File (108 KB) - a detailed 4 page guide
  • Moles PDF File (647 KB) from Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage. This is a very detailed 8 page guide, that also includes a full description of how to "Live trap moles"
  • Wildlife Proofing Your Property
  • Barriers for Burrowing Animals
  • Mole Trapping Tips
  • Effective Mole Control PDF File (840 KB) Courtesy of Ohio State University Extension*


Get Rid of Moles - Government Papers

The Ministry of of Environment, Lands & Parks have produced a detailed 6 page brochure in PDF format detailing "Why the Townsend Mole is at risk"

On the UK Government Defra Wildlife Management, there is a lot of very detailed information.

They also have 2 good advisory leaflets

  • Rural Development Service - Technical Advice Note - Moles
  • A review of methods used within the European Union to control the European Mole, Talpa Europaea - this is a very technical tome - 31 pages of mole information

This tome goes into a lot of detail, but just scanning the document I noticed German rules on trapping moles:-

"Kill-traps are used occasionally in Germany where the authorities will only grant permission to control moles on a very restricted scale and only where the damage poses a risk to human health (e.g. to secure traffic signal cables, to prevent damage to flood prevention structures)."

It is quite heavy reading, but it is also the most comprehensive guide on mole control anywhere on the internet

Topics include:- Poison, Baits, Fumigants, Traps, Repellents, Fences & Earthworm Control

Mole Facts From Internet Portals

I am sorry to say but I haven't found any internet portal with any major contribution to this guide on getting rid of moles.

Mole Information From Gardening Portals

When I find some good posts about moles from recognized gardening experts, I will place them here

Exterminating Moles From Mole Specialists

The Moleman has had 230,000 visitors to his site. He is very outspoken and well worth reading. Being a professional mole trapper, he is very pro-trapping and quite critical of other preventative methods. He doesn't take into consideration that in some areas you can't use mole traps. His mole biology section is very comprehensive, his mole control page covers lots of trapping tips and information, and his mole news section is detailed and very opinionated.

Mole Strategy From Equipment Manufacturers

To be completed (but expect each to be very biased to their product)


I hope my "Getting Rid of Ground Moles" site will be useful

All the best


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