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You want to exterminate moles. You know you can legally use mole traps, poison,  baits and fumigants in your region.

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Poison & Baits

In Europe, and certainly in the UK, this is the most recommended method of mole control, but it is highly regulated, and the use of the few allowed poisons is highly regulated.

In the US there are many products available, and their use is regulated at a state level. Use anything not approved and you might find yourself digging tunnels, out of the slammer.
Almost every poison is controversial in the USA. The trapping experts claim they don't work, the manufacturers claim they do work, and the State officials approve them probably based on their safety to the environment, not on how effective they are.


There are various lethal and non-lethal fumigants available. Also there are special attachments you can connect to a car exhaust pipe, then to a garden hose to fumigate your mole colonies.
You have to ensure that the whole colony receives a massive dose, because any non-lethal dose will cause a slow and painful death.

You can't just use this kind of mole extermination in your own yard, you also have to coordinate with all your neighbors.

Mole Traps

Mole Traps are regarded by most experts as the most effective means for immediate, short term mole extermination. You need to be prepared to invest time in learning how to set your mole trap correctly, use the right kind of trap for the environment in which it is going to be used, and allow enough time to monitor any trap you set on a daily basic.

Pay special attention to trapping regulations for your area.

Knowing how to kill a mole is just as important as using the correct tool for the job. Pay very careful attention to all the instructions.

There are various types of traps.

We have mole traps listed in our equipment section. has a very good guide on all the different types of mole trap. The type they promote of UK manufacture obviously in their opinion is the best, but they are unique among all the commercial mole trap manufacturers and distributors I have found in the USA.

They give a 30 day money back guarantee on their mole traps!

Mole Pro Trap 
Duffus Tunnel Trap 
Victor Out "O" Sight Trap 
Nash Choker Trap
 Harpoon Trap 
Tube Style Trap
Pincher Style Trap

Thus they are getting a special mention. Don't forget to play the mole game to get a 5% discount too!



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