Evaluate Your Mole Problem

Got moles in your yard? Before you take any action, you need to evaluate your mole control problem.

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Evaluate your mole problem
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Mole Control Checklist

  • How long have you had you mole problem
  • The area of your mole infestation
  • Why have you got moles?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • The legal side of getting rid of moles
  • Your personal preference & safety


How Long Have You Had Your Mole Problem?

If this is a problem that has been going on for years, getting rid of your moles now is going to be a tough job. If all your neighbors also have had the same problem for years, it gets even more complicated, because you have to think about coordinated action, and possibly shared cost.

The longer you have had moles in your garden, the more established they will be. The mole tunnels might well be very deep, and their nest might well be in a location you can't get to.

The area of your mole infestation

Experts say that a single mole can "hunt" over an area as large as 1.5 acres. Depending on where you live, there could be as many as 20 homes on such an area, so coordinating a "mole hunt" with so many neighbors might be a problem.

Why have you got moles?

There can be many reasons you have moles in your garden. You land might be bordering onto woods or farmland. A barrier might funnel moles to your property such as a road or river.

I tend to get the most mole activity just after local farmers have started plowing surrounding fields, and at the end of summer when they are harvesting. If I don't "treat" the problem fast, or deter the moles, they tend to hang around all year long.

How much will it cost?

A set of mole traps is a 1 off purchase. Any forms of treatments or poison are a recurring fee. Ultrasonic devices eat batteries, and often suffer from bad weather. If you pay for a mole catching service, you shouldn't think of it as a one off cost, but a long term service contract.

Costs can maybe be shared with other people living in your area, but negotiating that with your neighbors might be difficult if all of them don't have a recurring problem.

The size of your plot is also a major concern, especially if you are thinking of using commercial mole repellents and poison.

How long will it take?

There is no cure that will last forever, and every cure will take up a fair amount of your time. Obviously the most time efficient is to pay someone to get rid of the moles, but expect that to hit your pocket fairly hard. Expert removal does however come with some level of guarantee.

The legal side of getting rid of moles

You have to be very careful what methods you employ, depending on the location you live. Certain counties, and certain States in the USA have various controls on what can be done, under what conditions, and by whom.
In some counties moles are protected, so you cannot use any form of harmful counter-measure such as traps and poison without cause. In others, some or all forms of poison are restricted, and can only be used by a professional.

Before you decide how to kill moles, make sure you can!

There should be a published list of approved method to get rid of moles for your area.

If you live in Canada be especially careful in the steps you take. Many mole species in Canada are protected.

Your personal preference and safety

Traps in general have to be checked once or twice per day, and setting traps requires first of all locating active tunnels, excavating them and setting them (some care and strength required). For some people, the thought of disposing of a dead mole caught in a trap is unpleasant. Some may also disagree with killing moles on an ecological basis.

Safety obviously is important, especially if you have children or pets that will be active in the area.


The Mole Checklist in Action

This is based on my own house in Poland. It may not be typical of the average reader, but will give you some idea of the thought process involved.

We live in a 100 year old newly restored cottage on a small plot of land (4000 square feet)

Other than a couple of farmhouses and barns (behind and to one side), on all sides we have open countryside. Our neighbors say there have always been moles (deep rooted problem), but they are not worried about them.

Our garden is thus a quiet oasis in the middle of fields that are ploughed 3 or 4 times yearly.

We normally have the most mole activity when the fields are being ploughed and for a few weeks thereafter.

We have concrete foundations around our garden for the fence, up to 2 feet deep, but we still get moles...

My wife's understanding is that moles are protected in Poland, thus we cannot use trap or poison without a lots of bureaucracy.

We also believe that traps wouldn't help us very much, because most of the moles are coming in from the open countryside, and by the time they have done the damage, they are almost ready to return to nice soft ploughed fields.

We don't have children, but we do have an inquisitive dog, who has to be allowed in the garden unsupervised. She has been known to move bricks that were in her way while digging.

We have tried both ultrasonic and special fireworks in the past, but I hazard a guess that the moles had already moved back to the fields.

The barrier currently isn't working, so they must cross it on the surface.

Thus our preferred method is to use something that will make our land less of an oasis for moles. Thus ideally we want less food (we have too many bugs anyway, an additional problem). What food there is if possible should taste unpleasant to a mole. I haven't seen this discussed anywhere yet, but I do know that meat taste differently if animals are fed on something different. I would think if the soil has something unpleasant to eat in it for moles, but doesn't harm worms, the worms might taste different too.

How many people return to a restaurant that made them feel ill the next day?

The general surroundings should also be less attractive for moles.

These targets hopefully we can do in an organic and safe way, with items that can be easily and cheaply purchased. The cost of some of the treatment products is just outrageous.


I hope my "Getting Rid of Ground Moles" site will be useful

All the best


Andy Beard


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