Organic Lawn Mole Control

Getting rid of moles without killing them, if you have read some of the "expert opinions on mole control", is something not even worth seriously considering.
I have explained my mole problems, and thus it is my primary solution.
For many people this is the only mole control solution they can use legally!

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There are a number of commercial products available, and you will find details in the Mole Control Supplies and Equipment section. It isn't really a solution for me personally, because I don't live in the USA, and the number of products where I live is minimal.

Also of note is that none of the repellant products I have found so far give a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee to get rid of your moles. Also of note is the hefty price charged for many of them, especially if you have a large plot of land as you have to treat the whole area to get all the moles..

Now if you are in business, the best information you often have to pay for, and the same is true if you want information on how to get rid of moles from your garden.

I have tracked down 3 e-books that offer not only solutions, but also give a 3 month guarantee for results backed by the premier e-book retailer on the internet Clickbank. So if these digitally downloaded products (that is right, an instant solution available worldwide) don't give you 100% satisfaction, you can get your money back no questions asked.

None of the mole control commercial solutions, other than hiring a mole catcher, have such a good guarantee of results.

So if these authors offer such a guarantee, I am prepared to try them out.


First of all a useful e-book, the only one I have found that contains some tried and tested "classic" solutions to mole control.

All 6 methods listed are ecological too.

The current asking price is only $7.95, and if the tips work for your mole infestation, you have certainly purchased a real bargain!

Comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee so this is a tiny investment with zero risk.


Garden moles - Tricks & Secrets to Get Rid Of Them.


Don't feed those moles!

Moles are mainly carnivores. Sure they might take a nibble on some roots once in a while, but mainly they are after grubs, larvae and worms. Some would argue that moles are actually a good natural way to control other garden pests. Also most of the experts say that moles don't grubs much, most of their diet is worms, and we all know worms are good for the soil, right.

Warning: Do NOT buy any Insecticides
unless it meets the following 6 criteria

  • It must eliminate insects in every situation
  • It does not damage flowers and plants
  • It has a long-lasting action
  • It is SAFE for your children and pets
  • It guarantees you not to burn your grass
  • It has a powerful satisfaction guarantee.


Now despite this being contrary to expert opinion, I am going to give these books and the idea of making my lawn healthier a try.

My reasoning is very simple

The "Experts" are not willing to put their money where their mouth is. They recommend mole traps.

  • The mole trap manufacturers by-and-large don't give guarantees.
  • The ultrasonic gadgets manufacturers don't give guarantees
  • The commercial mole repellant companies don't give guarantees
  • The mole poison advocates don't give guarantees

These guys do give 100% guarantees


Here are 2 great books that teach you all you need to know about keeping your lawn healthy. By keeping a natural balance, your moles are going to go looking for somewhere else to live (probably your neighbors!).

Another great thing about both of these books is that as well as helping you solve your mole control problem, they will also help you repair the damage already inflicted to your lawn.


You can't beat 50 years of specialist green finger experience, especially if it is all available instantly in a good value e-book.

This is a very comprehensive book and offers great value.

Comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee so this is an investment with zero risk.

"Forceful Insecticides & Fertilizers: Home Made Formulas&quot


If you want to know about lawns, you need professional advice. The problem is many so called "experts" charge a fortune for a home visit, and then you don't get the results.

Scot Young is a seasoned professional, and he shares his specialized techniques in his books that are distributed worldwide.

Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so this is an investment with zero risk.


How To Easily Create an Incredible Lawn in 4 Days

I can't claim to have tested them and seen results yet. My mole problem comes when they migrate to the "safe haven" offered by my garden during plowing time.



I hope my "Getting Rid of Ground Moles" site will be useful

All the best

Andy Beard


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